Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Proposed Sculpture for Saipan

Is this possible on Saipan, Wow I don't know.  It really is about time to think about the enhancement  of the public areas, raising the bar as a international tourist destination.  Public outdoor art is really a no brainier, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the island.  I try to create prospectus image that help people in the power positions visualize the possibilities of projects that could be implemented.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Four Sculptures in China

Part of the group of 106 artists gathered for the sculpture symposium.
These four sculptures are on display in three separate sculpture parks in the city of Changchun China. Totem, Standing Together (top left), Auto Pod (top right), World Car (B.L.) and Idea Leaping into the Future (B.R.)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Stone Sculptures in Progress

Recent trips to China have inspired an aesthetic in the natural lime stone formations (above bottom) that are so common here in the islands. 
Finished my latest sculpture "Cloud Stone" I call it. I was inspired by the natural limestone formations here on the island for many years but really did not know how to interpret them. Cloud like, clouds as if solidified. The limestone always seemed so fluid... It finally came after visiting the Palace Gardens in Beijing, an aesthetic shift...I still play with the arrangement so maybe "finished" is a bit to permanent an idea for this piece.

The larger lime stone work (above) is early in it's development and I have been having great fun drawing on the surface getting the design more nailed down.  As a drawing surface it is quite nice and I have gone through many revisions and continue to enjoy the process.  The stone is not very dense and cuts easily, many more hours are needed to complete this piece.  I'm looking forward to working on this stone after the semester is finished.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An earlier work from the 1990's.   A work that incorporates the use of indigenous tattoo pattern with a twist, this keeps the work fresh and the pattern gives it a relevance to the region.  This is a large hand built piece 36" tall and is in a private collection here in Saipan.  

Raku style piece that was created in the mid-1990s, I really enjoy the Raku process, the involvement of the artist while the work is still glowing red hot and the serendipity of some of the surface decoration.
Raku Fish Group with a luster glaze, I really had some beautiful results and these works were very popular. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Four Sculptures in Three Visits

These four sculptures are on display in three separate sculpture parks in Changchun China.
Part of the group of 106 artists gathered for the symposium.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip to the High-tech park (To see my Baby) And Hot Pot Night 8.22.2011


One of the translators took Gotz, Husam and I to Hot Pot dinner, she wanted us to meet her class mates. It was the end to a great day after we had seen our sculptures placed in the new high-Tech development Park. We had a wonderful evening and the wonderful company of these lovely ladies. They showed the three of us the techniques used in preparing tasty HotPot and returned us back to the hotel safe and sound.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Visiting Old Friends at the Car Park 8.20.2011

After a bit of rest from the late night train ride from Beijing back to Changchun, last years group of artists had an appointment with Mr. Fan Tao to visit the Car Park. I would have a chance to see the stone piece and more importantly the cast bronze "Auto pod" and see if it had been displayed correctly.
Close, but, not quite. What did I expect, the foundry workers really messed it up, it is a bit backward and the little cars are facing to the back and it should be on a stone base. However they did a great job on the patina (surface color), outstanding!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Palace, Beijing 9.18.2011

Last day in Beijing, and we (Husam Chaya and I) headed for the Summer Palace...Magical really beautiful...I was impressed!! It was packed with people even more than the Forbidden City. I missed this area in 2008, so for me this was new and more fun. We went in through the back entrance and to the upper most temple then came down into the Tower Temple and down into the Palace over to the little island in the man made lake, very cool totally worth it!!!

Forbidden City Beijing 9.17.2011

They just don't build Palaces like this anymore! Second time to the City and it is so huge, I see something new each time I visit, it's over whelming (I believe that was the desired affect). Husam and I went in the South Gate the usual route, and took our time...setting and observing the crowds, a sea of people that never seemed to end. It was nice to just absorb, and I found myself reflecting on the last days of the City, and the movie.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day at the Great Wall 8/16/2011

My second time to the wall...WOW way better than the first time, the day was extremely clear, we could see forever. The group split up, Jallim and his girl friend and their trusted interpreter Sax wondered off, and the couple from Barbados another direction, and Husam my buddy from Lebanon and I in another. Man we had fun, we just kept going, on to the next tower and the next, up and down a million steps and in some places they make the steps at the Grotto on Saipan look like baby steps. The Badaling sight is very spectacular and Jallim took full advantage of the beauty to propose to his sweetheart on the Wall. Congratulations to them both!!! Many years of happiness. The crowds were very light as you can see, what can you say...the Wall is Great!!!