Monday, September 15, 2008

Evening Closing Ceremony (The goodbyes would be coming soon).

Chunhua and Leo...the future looks bright.

Cathy(Mei Qi), one of the sweetest most helpful interpreters.

Sandy through the looking glass...there's snow beer like snow beer.

Carvin Marvin and Sandy

Our Bartender, she put up with a few of our late night parties in the lobby.

One of our wonderful hotel waitresses

9/07/2008 Sunday
We left the park thoroughly happy with ourselves, what an amazing afternoon, seeing the genuine interest of the people in the park toward our work. It was a high. Ryan did a wonderful photo montage on his movie site that is worth looking at. Number 39 some really interesting photos.

We returned to the hotel to get ready for the Closing Dinner, There was loads of food and drink, plates stacked three high on the table and the Mayor made it around to all the tables at least once for a toast “gambae” and plenty of photos were taken. I knew that this would be tough, I was leaving in the late morning and would be saying good bye to many of my fellow artists tonight. I kidded Sandy one more time that one of the dishes was fried butterfly wings (you see he was not our most adventuress eater) he freaked after eating frog legs. His eyes got big at the thought of butterfly wings and quickly realized…I got him again. Leo and ChunHua sat at my sides during dinner and we really had some quality time. I will miss them both dearly I feel that they will make it to Saipan some day and study there…just for the experience. They are stand up people and I know that this world has hope when I meet this caliber of young people…the future looks bright.