Monday, August 15, 2011

798 Art District Beijing...8.15.11

Travel during the day by High Speed train from Changchun to Beijing...crashed at the hotel and hit the "Big" art scene in Beijing the next day. Oh the rain, lucky we could duck into galleries and coffee shops. Clear example (world wide) of businesses following art. The area was an abandoned industrial warehouses, artists moved in with studios...then galleries followed and now restaurants and retail shops. There were lots of things to see and we spent the day, Husam from Lebanon showed up today and met us at a coffee shop, where Aragorn and I had been sipping on a beer. Hope the weather clears for the Great Wall tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fireball - Full Moon Celebration 8.13.11 (night before Beijing)

Aragorn Read, the artist from the British Virgin Is. created a 3 meter steel ball that he cut patterns into. It was loaded with wood and set a blaze on the night of the full moon (the night before we left for Beijing) this a ritual he does at his home, with much smaller sculptures...that is until now!! This was really fantastic to be apart of, it brought the group together in a night of singing, dancing and general bohemian fun. A truly beautiful work of art when glowing with the flame inside. Thanks Aragorn, for sharing this with us was incredible!!