Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sculpting the Fish Fountain for the Pool

Finished!!! I like it!

Usually I work down in the studio, but that was before we built the deck, and what beautiful weather we have this time of year, sooo sculpting on the deck just makes sense. I put on some Coltrane and drug the 75 pounds of clay up from the studio and went to work. As you can see the view was awesome, the birds were chirping, sun shinning, and a wonderful cool trade wind wafted the sweat smell of the langilan tree across the deck. Below the deck is the pool and the fish is going to be a fountain covered in glass pebbles and squirting water. Maggie, my lovely better half came out and began taking a gillion pictures. I started working in the late morning and finished by 4:30. Vaughn (my son) and I went down to the park for a great run, what a wonderful day!!