Friday, September 9, 2011

Day at the Great Wall 8/16/2011

My second time to the wall...WOW way better than the first time, the day was extremely clear, we could see forever. The group split up, Jallim and his girl friend and their trusted interpreter Sax wondered off, and the couple from Barbados another direction, and Husam my buddy from Lebanon and I in another. Man we had fun, we just kept going, on to the next tower and the next, up and down a million steps and in some places they make the steps at the Grotto on Saipan look like baby steps. The Badaling sight is very spectacular and Jallim took full advantage of the beauty to propose to his sweetheart on the Wall. Congratulations to them both!!! Many years of happiness. The crowds were very light as you can see, what can you say...the Wall is Great!!!