Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opening Ceremony at the Museum

07/26/08 Saturday
Opening ceremony at the Sculpture Park Museum, the artists were introduced and dignitaries gave speeches and Rodin’s sculpture the “Thinker” was unveiled for the first time, a recent purchase from the Rodin Foundation by the city of Changchun. The event was well attended and very well done, after all the pomp, guests ate at a buffet style dinner. Then photographs were taken and we all had a great time. You notice I wore the tie. The young lady I’m standing with in front of the “Thinker” is Chun Hua my interpreter. Even though she was working I believe the evening was quite a special event for her. The other image is a group shot of just a few fellow artists, a good time had by all.


Barry Wonenberg said...

Good photos of the opening and welcoming ceremonies. Wow, Rodin's the "Thinker" is huge and imposing.

Were you the only one wearing a tie in the Opening Ceremony? Even though, it was a good decision because you looked good. It must be quite invigorating, the air charged with excitement and anticipation. I am happy to see you and the photos of where you are and read your thoughts and reflections. Quite interesting indeed.

Keep up the good work. Love, Maggie

KelliOnSaipan said...

Wow, it looks very impressive. What an awesome experience! We're happy you get to be a part of this. Thanks for sharing.

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Barry,

Maggie gave me the address to your blog while in China, so I hope you don't mind me spying on you while you're over there. I've missed having my regular dive buddy around lately. I like the tie though, maybe you could even wear it diving, I'll bet you'd see more sharks if you did! Enjoy every aspect of it over there.

Bo said...

Happy 50th Birthday!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)
Love You,
Bo, Bob and Jamie XOXXOOXOXo