Friday, August 15, 2008

Completion in Sight

8/12/08 Tuesday
My team of sheet steel fabricators have completed the tack welds and created the mounting structure at the base of the sculpture. Yesterday, I had to be really persistent, regarding the materials used for the construction of the mounting structure. The team wanted to go the inexpensive route with regular steel, this would lead to rust staining the granite base and eventually to the failure of the structure. I convinced them that we use the same material as the sculpture, for real permanence. The team really does aim to please and follows my instructions, I enjoy that type of mutual respect that is generated here, the can do attitude that just fills the air here. There is no debate, no sense of anyone trying to get into a pissing contest with you, just everyone doing the best that we can, to try and produce the finest works possible, for everyone to enjoy. Shau Yu was a tremendous help today, while I really got into some serious sculpting, he worked diligently to prepare the fourth and final section of the sculpture, making it ready for me to begin cutting it with the design. Although there is plenty of work left after I finish the clay modeling, the plaster mold, the fiberglass replica, and the work that needs to be done at the foundry, I see light at the end of the tunnel. The day ended with Chun Hua nagging me to stop and clean up…”the bus is here, don’t be late” and kidded me that I really was a work-a-holic, something that I believe is admired here.

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Barry Wonenberg said...

Hey, this is Maggie. So you didn't have to have a pissing contest, huh? That is what mutual respect feels like. It is good to know that your persistence paid off and you convinced the team to stay with stainless all the way.

I like the pictures of clay and steel alternating in the latest blog. It literally shows the balance that you are working between the two works of art. You look totally and intensely in deep concentration. Keep up the good work.

Love, your wife