Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Pictures of Progress

8/15/08 Friday
Today I saw a patch on the stainless pieces surface that is going to be the final finish and it’s going to look b-e-a-utiful. Today, not so much to write, so I’ll just load some photos and try to load a movie of studio life. Some times I give the camera to Chun Hua and turn her loose to shoot what ever she likes, a look through some one else’s eyes, so to speak. What a little ball of energy. That's Michael Warrick's piece, we kid him that he's got a big head since coming to the studio. Al Posimani from Niue up on the scaffold, is carving the largest wood sculpture this year. The top most photo is Etu Ndow of Gambia taking five in the shade of a block of stone viewing his work.

8/14/08 Thursday
Not enough sleep, and a long day, was ahead of us. Every morning first thing, I check the progress on the stainless steel piece, it is all assembled and now the continuous seem or joint welds need to be done. As much as I love the process of welding, I’m afraid that I will simply have to sit it out and play the white collier artist, which is not all that bad for today. I’m really feeling the previous nights festivities by lunch time, and sleeping vs. eating are weighing in my mind.
Food was the right choice and the afternoon went smoothly and lots of work was accomplished. I feel that in just a few more days I with be able to finish the clay work and move on to the mold making. We leave the studio today looking forward to watching the Olympics and writing the blog and i-chatting with Maggie and the kids (if they are home).

8/13/08 Wednesday
Today we worked half a day in the studio because there was to be a trek into the city for dinner at a cook your own food restaurant, (hot pot as our hosts refer to it). I was pissed because I left my camera in my hotel room and when I realized it in the lobby, it was too late to go back up to the eighteenth floor and get it. Anyway, pictures of that event will have to wait until I get them from others. The “hot pot” was very fun, all the food arrived in mass, from thinly sliced meats, egg, mushroom of all sort and some things we had know idea what they were…but I ate them anyway (I’m not picky about new foods). ). Afterwards back at the hotel lobby, a party and dancing ensued. Too much fun was had by all, really, I’m serious, too much fun.

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