Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Opening Piece Molds

8/19/08 Tuesday
Wow! Today was rainy and cold, low 70’s and windy, so when I arrived at the studio I found out that the metal workers didn’t show. This was a bit of a disappointment, I wanted to try out the new tools, but, no matter, inside the main studio it was action in full swing (see image above). My plaster molds were getting some wood reinforcing and one had already been opened (see image), while I waited, having some time, I shot some pics of the progress of various artist’s works. It was a kick bobbing and weaving through all the sculptures and workers, under scaffolds and sliding passed twisted steel armatures.
After lunch all the molds had been opened and all the clay removed from inside (see pics of empty molds) all I needed to do was check the work and ok the piece molds, they basically look good.

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Al Jacque said...

Hi Barry
I hope you had a good B-day, you know that when you hit 50 you are on the downhill skids, that's not right Life begins at 50, the first 50 years was only a training period. If the Olympic's had a contest for doing a sculpture you would win the Gold. Dad

this is mom--We are enjoying your blog and pics--You are quite the kid and we are very proud of you. Sculptures are very b e a utiful. LOVE YOU.