Friday, August 29, 2008

Pace of Work Quickens

8/21/08 Thursday, 8/22/08 Friday Together.
You can’t imagine the rush of work that is happening in and out of the studio. I’m essentially managing two separate sculptures and everything must be translated back and forth, the methods, the materials, and the tools used…but some how it all happens and with smiles all around. The stainless piece needs some finer grinding burrs and polishing wheels (again) for the really tight spots and so in the afternoon of both days Chun Hua and I must locate these items, so off on another road trip we go. Searching is half the fun and after many miss-directions and a few wild goose chase, we find what we need. Taking the light rail is a really fun way of getting around (that’s us in the dome mirror).
We make it back to the studio and the flurry of activity is just crazy, the crane is here turning stone sculptures, molds are being made and opened, and fiber glass is stinking up the whole place. Pics, pics and more pics!!!


Coral said...

Haha I like the "peace" sign you're sporting there dad. It sounds like you're really busy. Road trips are fun. By the way, I never mentioned but I like your beard, I thought I'd let you know cause grandma was saying something teasing about it. But she was joking.

Love you!

SamIAm and J9 said...

love the pic of you guys in the mirror at the train station. we might just have to copy! great blog barry. we following you now...will be keeping tabs on ya from London xxx