Monday, September 8, 2008

Work is Stop and Go, Dang!

Chun Hua walks between Marko's (from Serbia) figures at Sister Cities Park.

Micheal (from Little Rock) the Head, titled "Visionary".

Victor from Russia.

9/05/08 Friday
I spent the morning putting the final touches on the fiber glass sculpture, making it look like bronze which is a bit tricky. I had to wrangle some of the head hanchos and move it out of the dusty main studio, and this happened only when I became aggressively insistent. I had to mask the surface and spray on a gold color to give it the look of polished bronze, then brush and dab a green color that gave the effect of oxidation over a blackened surface. I skipped the lunch bus ride to the hotel, working through lunch my mission was accomplished. I was so hungry that I didn’t take any pictures when I finished dang!! Anyway, I grabbed a taxi with Ryan from Aruba (he had just finished up as well) just down to the corner to a KFC (it tasted the same too) and then shopped for some chocolate for Chun Hua , she has a thing for Dove’s. We all had to meet in the lobby at three go to the Changchun Sister Cities Sculpture Park where some of the artists just had their work placed. (see above photos)

9/04/08 Thursday
Big day of presentations for the sculpture car park. Yubi looks nerves. More about that later.

9/03/08 Wednesday
Finally…color is on the fiber glass piece, then all work stops again…frustration!!!
Stainless steel plate is finished and delivered by Jiang wae, b-e-a-utiful, ok well pretty good. It can’t be welded on yet because the sculpture is too far away from the sculpture and no one can help or won’t help move it and it’s a lot of work for Chun Hua to find and convince some one to help…no luck. Maybe tomorrow.

9/02/08 Tuesday
I finished the Maquettes (little models) and did the calculations for scale with the help of Chun Hua, who happens to be a mini human calculator (really good at math). Did another interview with the ever-present Paparazzi, and shot my own footage. See U-tube below.
Hole driller is at work on the granite bases, it’s going to take him 4 hours per hole (ouch) see photo.

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m3k said...

Congrats! It looks like everything was a success and we're happy to hear that you made it back safe Mr. Wonenberg.

And by the way here's the link to my album ---> HERE.

It's the picture album from my move to Idaho. Hope to talk to you soon, congrats once again.