Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lots Going On!

9/01/08 Monday
Granite base stones for both my Bronze and Stainless piece have arrived, so I measure and mark where the holes need to be drilled. (see photos) With a bit of hassling the head man, I establish that the holes need to be over sized to fit the pins, I think he was on the same page but stuff gets “lost in translation”, Great movie by the way, with Bill Murry.
I set to work creating another maquette that would act as an example for a “how to” install the two sculptures at the final park site. (see photos).

8/31/08 Sunday
Work at a stand still for me, the joints need to be re textured and it is proving to be too much for the over worked fiber glassing crews. I can do some …if I can get some tools, which is proving difficult, they are no where to be found and or are in use by someone, this can be frustrating. The crew will come by and work for a half an hour and then disappear, working then on another artists piece, this goes on and on through out the day.
Sooo close and yet so far way.

I needed to have a stainless steel signature plate engraved which required a trip way up town, our drive for this mission was a nice guy, Jiang wae, and we had interesting conversation along the way. Movie of Marko carving granite with a torch.

8/30/08 Saturday
WE had a morning trip to the “car park” site for the new sculpture project…cool opportunity. We were given the afternoon off to rest before a dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant that specializes in dumplings. All I can think about is, I need to come up with some ideas for the proposal for Thursday’s meeting at 3:00 in the hotel lobby.


Al Jacque said...

Enjoying watching your progress. Sorry to see/hear problems w/fiberglass. we know how precise you want things. You will find a solution we r sure. Your pieces are very beautiful. Soon you will be home with Mag and kids. What is the proposal you mentioned about? Looks like the weather has been nice--we have had frost. We'll talk more when you get home. Everything will work out just fine son. Love Dad & Mom

Barry Wonenberg said...

Wow, dad! It does, indeed, sound like there is a lot going on. One day I'll go down to China (with my free pass, perhaps!) and see the sculptures you put so much hard work and effort into. :] Love ya dad-man.