Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Visit to VW Car Factory (And a Job Offer)

8/26/08 Tuesday

We found out that the group would visit a car factory in the afternoon today, what the heck we all thought, we have sculptures to finish and we are running out of time. Some squawked more than others, trying to stay at the studio, but that would not be an option as the studio gate would be locked. This is not the way to the hearts of hard working artists with work to do…we were on the bus after lunch and on our way. People here in Changchun are very proud of the fact that they had the first car factory in China, and the company is known as FAW (first auto works). It was my first time to visit a car factory and it was very interesting, very clean and well organized (German know how and Chinese labor). There are no pictures allowed so I can’t show you any company secrets. Then we went for a photo op in front of the first actual factory and the head quarters of FAW (that’s the cool looking building) looks like a wing on top. There are not a lot of old buildings in Changchun, it’s a very new city and the buildings reflect this, at times its as if a group of architects have gone wild here…and there is no shortage of empty structures as well.
We pile back into the bus and are whisked off to an other site were a large board room had been prepared for a presentation…surprise another job offer to the whole group of artists. Another large park to be filled with sculptures and we are invited to submit designs…too cool!!!!
The group as a whole was very excited as you can imagine, and the dinner following the presentation was full of toasts and great food (naturally) and a buzz of anticipation. This is truly a fantastic trip full of opportunities.
The video below is "Dinner in French", I took this at the party/dinner.

"Dinner in French"

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It is lovely. Good job.