Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Featured Artists (They finished first)

8/25/08 Monday
There are some things that are more fun than others, and sanding fiberglass is not one of them. At times I ask myself why did I choose smooth surfaces for this piece? The mold makers did a pretty good job, but put some of the seams for the mold in some bad spots that mess up some of the key surfaces so it’s a lot of work to fix.
Some artists have finished with their fiberglass…painted and every thing. Pictured above is Yubi Kirindongo from the island Curacao (Netherlands Antilles), he is one of the coolest artists here at the symposium, I like his outlook on life and his playful approach to this work of art. The other artist who finished is David Evans from Norfolk Island, a giant shell form. He changed its scale to draw interest and attention to a normally small form by over sizing it. He told me that he hopes children who visit the sculpture park will climb on it.

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