Saturday, September 6, 2008

T- Minus 8 Days and Counting.

8/29/08 Friday
Walk in the Park in the morning after I messed around with the texture again and got no where. Some where along the way during the discussions about matching the texture, I was told “no problem, we do all the time” my experience is when somebody says “no problem” you got a problem, and this time was no different. Match is important in the seams and section joints, it must flow and it was not to my liking and if done wrong would look worse. So time was needed to grapple with this problem…off to the park for some think time. (with Chun Hua) Great conversation, and some beautiful art and a sunny warmish day…can’t get better than that. (see pics, found a sculpture from Palau.) Went back to the studio and the dust in the main studio was too much, I left early and caught the light rail back home (hotel) Movie at bottom.

8/28/08 Thursday
Work at a stand still. I worked on the texture matching and was not happy with the way it was going…trying to find different tools that might work was difficult because they had all vanished, to where I don’t know but it was like starting over again. After lunch I left to shop, had to get out.

8/27/08 Wednesday
Fiberglass Totem gets assembled no longer in sections…cool!! Basically they used body putty very liquid and poured it on top of one section and set the next section on top (lined up of course) and the same until all completed, then it was a matter of filling the joints. The workers sort of dropped the ball on the texture match (it happened when I was at lunch) and it’s a bitch to carve body putty…frustration time… again!!! You must remember it’s the first time any one has seen the sections on the bronze piece together, up to this point most folks were not to impressed by four blocks of clay and had trouble visualizing the whole thing, and it has a bit of a different look to it from the stainless piece.

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