Thursday, May 26, 2011

Selected Again for China July 14-Sept.2, 2011

Just received word that I have been selected for the 12th Changchun Sculpture Symposium and Sculpture Conference to begin July 14th to September 2 2011. The organizing committee selected one out of the three artwork proposals that I submitted, the artwork will be 3 meters in height and be a combination granite and bronze, the title of the chosen work is “Idea Leaping into the Future”. I'm really looking forward to the event and meeting the other new artists that will have been selected. My fellow artist and friend Jallim Eudovic (his third time) will be there, and it is always a pleasure to to see him.
The seven weeks needed to complete the sculpture will be pretty demanding and even more so when I have to consider I'm returning from a long trip in the states and have to leave eight days later for China. I still need to prepare some cut sheets for the bronze sheet work that will be part of the inlay in the red granite lower section of the sculpture. The figure element will be 2 meters tall and that is just from butt to head. More to come...

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